Well Hello There.

This will be my first political post. Ever. I started this blog to speak with other conservatives or debate with whoever rather it be a liberal, democrat, republican, libertarian, etc.  (please… I do not debate for a career and I don’t know everything) Most of my thoughts are opinions from things that I have read up on or things that I have noticed or came to on my own point of view, so please for the love of all things, lets not get ugly and name call.

This first post is an explanation of what this blog will be about. I’ll ask about views or have small polls. I won’t bash other politicians, but I will say when I do not agree with their views or actions. That won’t bother me. I hope everybody can be cordial on here. For, doing anything like this on facebook is dang near a death wish and you cannot get hardly anybodies opinion because its just one of those topics your friends just don’t want to talk about. I like discussing politics from time to time and friends don’t wants to do it on social networking and those we do, want to get ugly and not have a civilized conversation.

I know who I would LOVE to have as a presidential candidate. I have researched every single one of them. And I chose the best one that matches all the top priorities in my list. I wasn’t judgmental in my decision. So far, my candidate is still in the race 🙂

Anyways! Hopefully, this gets out and I have some nice people respond!

Thank you!




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