$15.00 an hour?

When I was 16, literally the day I turned 16, my father told me to get a job. So, i called my sister and asked her if her place of work was hiring. She called me back and told me to be at Sonic Drive in at 9 that night to start training. So I went. I started off at $5.25 an hour. Again, I was a sophomore in high school.

Most people there were either in high school or college. The older ones were managers that worked late at night or early in the mornings. Still even then, they made $11.00 an hour. This was in 2006. A good thing I do remember was that we did get tips and if I made tips, I did not have to share my tips. I did not have to claim my tips either.

The main reason why I am even writing this is because I realize now, the age group that worked there. Mostly high school kids and college kids. There was no way we could make any of us could live off of what we made, no matter how much tips we brought home. Even today, with minimum wage around $7.25 an hour.

There are places you have to go get a certificate to work at, (I.E. ambulances) or have a trade somewhere that make less than $15.00 an hour. Going through training to get into a job. And people want $15.00 an hour to flip a burger, throw frozen fries in grease, made a damn drink and pass this to a customer? I’ve done it. Easy freaking peasy. These jobs should be for high school and college students to learn a little extra money and get that experience of responsibility. Not to make a living.

Further more, say a company says “Yes, we will cater to you, and give you $15.00 per hour. We will make YOU  happy”. Guess what? It will not last long. These said companies will replace you. BY MACHINES. Those front positions that take orders, will now have machines that the customer use. More and More companies will be on board with this idea. Then what happens??? You are out of a job!!! How does that feel?

SO. What do you think? Will you still be fighting to have minimum wage continue to go up? Which in turn will have everything else go up as well… ya know, the dollar menu won’t be the dollar menu no more!

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