Both Political Parties

Conservatives will tell you they do not agree with Liberals. (So Republicans vs. Democrats)

Democrats still to this day, complain about life. How things are still bad and/or getting worse. Liberals say life is on the track to get better. So, i figure they are confused as hell. But whatever. A conservative will tell you that they will agree with the Democrats on the government has yet to help anybody. But, the different is, a conservative doesn’t want the government to have this much power. They want them to have less. Liberals would like more government and more help.

Us conservatives elect Republicans. They say they will fight for us. That will go to Washington and stand up for our values. Liars. Complete and Total Liars.

Democrats, say what they are going to do, and they do it. But what people doesn’t understand is what they do, doesn’t help anything. If anything, it really makes the shit worse. (Obviously my opinion). ObamaCare? Really… “You want your doctors? You can keep them!” “We need more Gun Control”. Has Obama helped the racism problem in America? Hell No. Did Michelle help with children eating better at school? HA! Have you seen the shit they are serving now?

This election is literally a movement.

Being a Conservative, I will speak about my topics. Being sick of the Republicans in Washington not doing a damn thing, yeah I voted against Political Establishment. Not necessarily Trump. But at this point, Since my candidate is out, I’ll stand behind Trump. Why? Because I am sick of The Establishment.

I have heard lots of crap about Trump. How he will change his stances or he is really a liberal. I get it. I had those thoughts myself. So many conservatives and republicans jumped on board with him. Rather because its a change of scenery or his NON PC and say exactly what he feels. Well: We the people let OBAMA in office with the continuation of lies. The big thing he did NOT lie about… was CHANGE. He promised CHANGE… and we damn sure got it.

So, every day, I hear more and more about all this. And i just had to get this out. Have a great HUMP DAY!



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