From pissed off to Crying out for our Country.

I think its hilarious that every time Obama speaks about more gun control, gun sales increase dramatically.

For the sake of our rights as people of the US, i pray more people understand that terrorism is the problem instead of “gun violence”. ISIS is going for more and more different groups of life. Christians were the first. Gays are the second. What more specific groups will be murdered because they are something ISIS doesn’t agree with? How may more people have to die for our Administration views on what is or isn’t terrorism. Will people open up their eyes to the fact that we are not safe against the people? All because of this Administration saying what is not right for people to believe.

Why is it the republicans and conservatives are the ones the Obama administration fight the hardest with? Why is it that the left say Trump is so horribly wrong for saying the American people should come first? Why is that “racists” or “bigoted”?

Because we live in the US, shouldn’t we come first for our leaders? Regardless of what race, religion, or sexual preference we are, shouldn’t our people’s security come first?

Why is it that Obama picks and chooses which groups get more rights and he fights tooth and nail to make it happen? He has stated we should not slander or talk about about certain groups and we should respect them and be nice. Why does he shove things down our throats? Why is it he fights so hard for other religions but yet slams people because of their Christian faith?

I will say that there are religious extremists. They do horrible things in the name of their religion. I know it is not just Muslim Extremists. I am a firm believer that not all Christians are bad or not all Muslim’s are bad, not all atheists are bad people. There are some that are just truly horrible people in all races, religions, etc.

I am not in agreement with a lot of Obama’s views or the way he controls our Government. Such as, when he makes executive orders. Such as states rights only… he tries to make it a federal law instead of allowing the states their right to make such law. He pushes certain things and tells all people to be tolerant of others. Most people don’t go crazy and get violent on things. But again, there are certain people that takes thing to violent extremes.

I am just beyond flabbergasted on looking at our Country and the changing of it. How did the left gets so violent fighting the conservatives and republicans on our views. They think we are racist and bigoted. Just because the leaders on the left tell them this. We used to be so patriotic and now its bigoted to be patriotic. To bad to want American to be free and follow the Constitution.

I have done research on just about everything I could possibly think of. I look at our history and the presence. I research the new laws and what the Senate and Congress are looking at. Instead of just seeing an article without reading it and have an opinion. Or just straight listening to our Government. Both the Republicans and Democrats. I research what is in new orders or things the right and left want to happen. I look up the entire policy a leader makes before deciding if i agree with them. We know that most don’t even read these before they vote on it. I feel like others just listen to something they like because one just one reason. Why not research? Furthermore, I feel our Republican leaders have turned into a bunch of wussies. We sent them to the Office, Congress, and the Senate to Fight for us. Yet, IF they even do, its a crappy fight. Hardly fought before they just give in and let it go. They don’t fight hard enough.

Not just the US, but the world has truly saddened me. With all that goes on and the lives continuing to be lost, its heart breaking. Breaking down and crying for our children that have to endure the paths other has taken. Praying for things to get better. Hoping change comes that will make sure we will leave this country is a state that is good for our children.





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