Illegal Immigrants

As a Christian and Conservative, I do have feelings. I am compassionate.  I also understand sometimes problems don’t have the best solutions.

Today, I read an article, (, and I was totally flabbergasted. These Illegal Immigrants are working extra hard to not be found. Staying in contact with others (I suppose, legal and illegal immigrants or citizens) on where “immigration checkpoints” are. I look at this like this, When a person does something illegal, such as assaulting somebody, they don’t stay in plain sight. They hide, run away, etc. Why? Because they know what they did was illegal and they will be in trouble with the law for it. They will get punished (well, maybe). Is this not what the people in the article are doing?

I don’t understand how anybody would justify their actions. Write stories on how hard it is to be an illegal at the moment.

“We are a nation of Laws”. President Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama, and President Donald Trump has all said this at one time. If a law is immoral, use our democratic process to fight it. Laws are put in place to protect people in general.The US has federal laws and the States have state laws. All the states laws are not the same. They all differ. But the laws of the land are to protect the American Citizens.

The more I see  Cities and States that openly refuse to not abide by the laws, pisses me off more and more. This is the easiest way to find out who the crooks in government and political offices are. A few years ago, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, told a District Attorney that if she did not resign he would veto funds to the public integrity unit in the attorney’s county. She was told to resign because she was previously arrested and pleaded guilty to DWI while she was an active District Attorney. This may not be a law, but being a District Attorney, have some ethics and morals. She prosecutes people! Of course, there is more to the story, with laws and what a Governor is allowed and not allowed to do and court cases. Look it up if you want to know more.

Furthermore, I am tired of “being a racist”. I do not hate other races and religions. I can care less if you purple. You are still a human being to me. I will have compassion for you. But, the law is the law. A person is not racist for following the law. It is there to protect the American Citizens.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” – Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson’s quote is for everybody. America’s laws are a reflection of this. At least at one time they were. Yes, some laws needed to be changed, I will 100% agree with this. But others do not. An American citizen, In America, should have more rights than an illegal immigrant. Why? Because, we do our parts, we pay our taxes and buy shit from our stores, houses, groceries, cars/trucks/SUVs. We put money into our government. And it is all documented. … W2s, social security cards, drivers license, etc. And if we don’t pay are taxes, we get jailed. Its law. IF you are here illegally, you cannot get any of that. At least, legally get it. The jobs that should be for Citizens and LEGAL Immigrants are being taken away. I will even admit, there are some citizens that are pretty horrible human beings, that will give illegal immigrants jobs under the table because its cheap, but also make them pay to have jobs. Like,  “I-will-give-you-a-job-for-a-fee”. Who does it hurt? American Citizens and Legal Immigrants.

I suppose, one of the biggest arguments right now is Illegal Immigrant parents and their legal citizen children and what exactly will happen to who. As i stated previously, I am compassionate. But the term Anchor Babies, it is very self explanatory. Why? I have seen enough and read enough stories about how Illegal Immigrants will wait til their last days/months of pregnancy and cross the border to have a child or children. Why? Because the babies will be their anchors. It is well known that a child born on US soil is an American Citizen. So yes, it is wrong.

America has enough problems as it is at the moment. I can list many. I have also heard a lot of people, both democrat and republican, say We need to get out of countries and let them fix themselves and not be police. I guess I can agree. But, at the same time, we cannot continue to allow illegal immigrants coming over. We have issues. If these people are coming over to escape their government. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to fight your own government. And I don’t mean rioting and looting. I mean protest. Protest at the ballot box. Take back your own country and make it beautiful. The way you want it. Alls these countries that people are fleeing, has a crooked leader. Get him or her out of office.

With my closing, I will say this again. I am a compassionate person. But I have beliefs on laws and the rule of law. No other country will give an immigrant (legal or illegal) damn near the same rights as a citizen of that country. Every Citizen and Immigrant knows this. Why, do people expect America to do it?



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