President Donald J. Trump’s Speech to Congress


To liberals, democrats and all other left leaning persons, Did anything in the speech sound Racists, Sexist, xenophobic, etc.? If I am wrong, please tell me where he was being these bigoted things.


Trump wasn’t my first choice. I don’t believe he is 100% conservative. I believe he is now a left leaning Republican. But, because he was the Republican nominee, I gave him my vote. I do believe he has starting doing or has done what he said he would. I believe what he says is true. We need to put America First.


I absolutely loved his speech. He called for unity. And I don’t think the democratic party will even budge. I think what the democratic party did at this speech was very disrespectful. The President brought in outsiders as examples of his certain parts of his speech. And the Democrats call it talking points.


Well yes, it is in a fact a talking point. Its things that needs addressed and fixed in our system. It’s a shame the Republicans have to bring people out to speak or for examples on why we have the opinions and wants that we do have. But what amazes me is no matter what, it will never be enough. President Donald J. Trump will “never change and always be the racist, sexist, xenophobic, and LGBT hater”.


I do not think the public does their own research. They have become complete sheeps and following every little word the democratic party says. A politician says President Trump is racist. So obviously he is racist. When will we the people learn, that others lie just so they get your vote? They will publically degrade others. And people following blindly behind them!


We as American Citizens need to wake up. We need to learn to read and research. We need to realize that the constitution is there to protect the people. That big government is NOT the answer. It will never work in our favor. And if we do not wake up, the United States won’t be a free country as it is.


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