President Trump’s Checklist

Most of our views are common sense. Facts not feelings. We actually take our time to research, read, listen to all before making a decision. We are not sheep, we do not follow blindly. But yet, Liberals will listen to anything a Celebrity will say. Because Celebrities are ALL Right. All knowing. Hell, what has a Celebrity really done for you? For the poor? 

So, what has President Donald J. Trump done so far? Here are a few highlights.

  1. Withdrawn from the TPP. Ok, so lets be honest. WHat good has this done for the US. As President Trump has said, our negotiations are a joke. And they are. We import cars from China, and export nothing. How does that help us? So, I believe it was good idea for that. We need to stop kissing other countries asses and help our own economy.
  2. He has given the approval on the Keystone and Dakota Pipeline. And don’t get me the crap about the environment. All those protesters left a damn mess after leaving. Complete hypocrisy. The left says that it won’t produce as many jobs as we stated. PLEASE. You need builders. Once it is built, you will need different types of professions to MAINTAIN the pipeline and making sure it is constantly in perfect order.
  3. Repealing and Replacing Obamacare. Don’t give me the shit that, that was helping anybody! People were fined if they did not have insurance. And the price of any insurance surged to high prices. I mean be real, most are complaining that repealing and replacing Obamacare would take away their free stuff, just as women’s medical. I am more than sure, President Trump will not take that away. Even though, (of course) Planned Parenthood isn’t really a parenthood place. I won’t even get into that.
  4. Immigration and Safety of our country. I don’t even need to get into this anymore. Conservatives are racist, xenophobic, sexist, etc. Really? We don’t want people coming from terrorist countries. We don’t want Sharia Law because it treats women like dirt. We want all America Citizens to be working.  We are so deplorable.
  5. His supreme court nomination. He picked a Constitutionalist. Which, obviously falls closely to a Conservative. And hell, Neil Gorsuch has already disagreed with President Trump on things. Who does that?! He did. Its perfect. Obviously, not a President Trump puppet.
  6. For women, he is pushing to have them go into the Science and Technology fields. Why? There isn’t many in them. So, I think that is a pretty good thing.
  7. Banned Lobbyist. Why? Because it’s Lobbyist that make the rules? How? They are paying these politicians to do things in their favor. PAYING. How do you think Politicians have so much money… working for the government.
  8. Withdrawing funds to Sanctuary Cities. Sorry, but when you openly say you are not following the LAW – you get in trouble. When you use your federal funds, for the illegal immigrants, you get into a sticky spot like California. They used their money on these cities and can’t fix a DAM and expect more money from the government. UM, California was told over 15 years ago it needs to be updated. DID they do it? Nope.
  9. Lowering Regulation. Have these companies cannot thrive because of some stupid silly regulation. Like Obamacare. Companies get screwed with these. And their not even there for very important things.
  10. Federal Hiring Freeze. GREAT! I am sick of seeing my tax dollars go to these workers that the government shouldn’t even have. Has anybody seen some of these titles? And hell, most of the government isn’t doing its damn job anyways. I don’t think they should be getting paid.

Some people won’t agree to these (liberals). But a lot of what he is doing, its trying to help out Americans. For Americans to spend their money here. In order to be able to spend money, you have to make money. Invest in your country. Instead of tax breaks for companies that bring departments overseas. Give them a tax break to keep them here in the US. Slap a tariff on them if they go overseas for departments like payroll, tax, etc. These are what President Trump is talking about. It’s not racist. Our country is made up of all walks of life. So if they are American Citizens, these changes are for everybody.

Maybe President Trump doesn’t have that amazing public speaking skills. But that is what I admire about him. He isn’t going up on stage rehearsed. Hell, I have horrible public speaking. I would be up there sounding like I can’t read.

President Obama was never criticized this much. Was never watched this much. But yet, he promised so much and never delivered. At least President Trump is delivering, rather you agree with him or not.


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