I don’t Even have a Name for This.



I am not even sure what to call this post. I have literally just had about enough of the things going on in the world…. or in the US. I feel like I need to let it all out. BUT, not a lot of people want to listen to it. Rather they agree or not. At this point, my brain feels fried. My emotions are just out of this world.

The religion of islam – Going back to feminists, we should all have have equality with men and women. But during the Women’s March (2017), they have a key speaker that practices Muslim’s religion. Seeing what is shown and read on the Muslim nations, men and women are nowhere near equal. But, they are still a woman, and you should protect them and speak up for them… when they refuse to speak up for themselves. Good job ladies!

LGBT community. Okay. Here is my take on it. LGBT and Feminism go hand in hand. Ok, let us take a lesbian for instant. I had listened to podcast, to an older lady that was a lesbian. She went on to say how feminism has turned into something that it was not intended to be. She also said, that she does not like men. Obviously. So when the discussion came up about the bathrooms and transgenders being able to use the bathroom of their choice, she got pretty pissed off about it. She said, if I don’t like men, why would I want to share a bathroom with them. Regardless of what these men think they are. Which, hey, sounds reasonable enough.

Feminism has turned hypocritical. Men can only rape women. But, women can’t rape a man. Men are pigs and judge woman. As a woman, there are traits that I look for in a man and some physical appearances that I like or don’t like. SO – how is it wrong for a man to not be attractive to a specific type of female? A man likes skinny girls, get probably won’t get with a heavy set or curvy girl. A woman doesn’t like big guys… She probably won’t get with one. HOW is there ANY DIFFERENCE?

Women say their is a wage gap. OKAY, No. I have seen some women make thousands of dollars more than a man, with the same amount of experience and degrees. Work Hard, you succeed. If a woman works, never misses work (maybe because they don’t have children), gets things done, etc., then she will make it. I, as a mother, will leave work for my kids. I don’t expect my husband to drop everything. I do. But I want to. When I got married, I understood that we as a couple came to terms with what we should expect from one another. We both work, but if our children need one of us, I will be there to deal with it, unless at the moment I just can’t. I am sure that feminist will say, I’m degrading myself. Whatever.

Straight up, we were created equal. But we are two halves to one whole. A positive and negative spark. There are things that men can do that women can’t do and there are things women can do that men cannot. GET OVER IT.

Now, moving on to the feminist backing the transgender movement. Feminist would choose a side of the Transgender, but don’t understand the hypocrisy.  Let me get this straight, Ya’ll have come to hate men. But, you will allow a man to come into your circle because he feels as though he is a women? You think it’s okay for a biological male to take hormones to transition into a female OR a biological female take testosterone to transition to male and COMPETE with their biological sex? Sorry, but these organizations that are allowing that, are complete hypocrites as well. WHY? because if a heterosexual puts any foreign drugs in their body they cannot compete! They would be suspended! But, lets go ahead and allow somebody that is transitioning to compete. Totally fair. Especially when a female is transitioning into male and you allow them to compete against other females. HOW IN THE HELL IS THAT FAIR! If they want to compete in sports, they should not be allowed to if they are taking drugs. PERIOD. Not a hard concept.

Furthermore on the bathroom crap… how can you justify giving special treatment to that low of a population in the US? Without taking into consideration the majority of the people? So, if one out ten people wants to ban gluten, and they happen to be transgender, will gluten be banned to appease the transgenders?

OH and if a person that disagrees with me on this, I am just going to through some things out there. People generally don’t give two rats asses about transgender people. Its not about them being allowed to use the opposite sex’es bathroom or whatever they FEEL they are. It’s about the nasty sickos that will use this to their advantage. And want them to be allowed to use the showers of choice. Again. No. You are thinking about a little population that are “special” and we should make what they want happen. What about the other people that have to share the showers with them? You think the majority is comfortable with that? I won’t be… especially with my daughter. Not saying the transgender will harm her. I am just saying enough. Think about other people as well.

Yes, I understand times are changing. BUT, from what I have seen, it’s NOT for the better. Common Sense has gone straight out of the window. Any time you open up facebook or twitter, or turn on the tv or radio. It’s just more and more. And the more and more I hear, see and read it, the more scared I am of my children growing up in these times. Seriously, its depressing. And I am at lost on what to do other than complain, which will do absolutely nothing.


I’m just done. **Mic Drop.



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