Legal & Illegal Immigrants

Yes, another post about the PC “Immigrants”. Which by the way, the legal term is “alien(s)”.

So, I read an article (actually several, so I can make sure my facts are straight), regarding Ted Cruz. He came up with the El Chapo Act.

I absolutely love this idea. I mean, where the hell else is all that money going? I definitely say, use it to help pay for the wall. I know, President Trump ran his campaign on “Mexico will pay for the wall”. My personal opinion about this was to read between the lines on it. He never said how he was going to force Mexico to pay for the wall. Come on, do we really think Mexico will just say “oh yes, we will pay, here is the money”? I don’t think anybody would do that. So I thought and thought about it during his campaign. I tried to think in the business mind set, and I think President Trump had a plan all along and just wouldn’t disclose it. I could be wrong of course, but it is a feeling I do get.

I have also heard a few other ideas about our neighboring countries paying for the wall. Such as, a lot of legal and illegal aliens send a lot of money back to their home country. And I don’t care what the left says, its NOT RACIST to oppose that. People who send money to foreign countries, should be taxed high for it. It’s not helping the United States economy. It’s helping other countries economies. Again – we live in the US, and it is made up of all religions, races, etc. So it is NOT RACIST to want to help our country.

Sanctuary Cities. Two words that get all people up in arms with two different views. I am so upset  at the democrats and liberals for these. Lets take California at the moment. They are trying to make LA a sanctuary city. And from the conference video I saw, people are not happy and not on board with it (LA citizens of all races).  I remember a few months ago, when California was experiences all extremely bad storms and flooding. I remember seeing articles about them demanding President Trump send money to fix their infrastructure. UM… where is the federal money you receive for your “infrastructure”? I mean, obviously I am not in government, but why is your state so far behind on the infrastructure? But, oh so worried about these sanctuary cities? At this conference I watched, there were people there asking “why are they being put behind immigrants? Why are the immigrants getting the first dibs for help? Why are there homeless people on the street, and immigrants in houses?” – We all pay taxes. Yes, i believe you work for what you have. And I also believe there are times when our people need help. Welfare right? Sorry, but what I have seen coming from and out of California isn’t good.

There are laws in place for a reason about immigration, which should be followed. it pisses me off when these sanctuary cities get no punishment for breaking the damn law. Defund the whole city from federal money. If I broke the law, I would get punished. WHY in the hell, does a tax payer pays taxes to a city that is constantly breaking the law?!

America (US) Citizens should come first. Before Legal and Illegal immigrants. As I have stated in many of my posts, there are homeless children, adults and veterans that WE need to take care of before anybody else. We pay taxes to the government. That is how the government operates…. OFF OF OUR TAX DOLLARS. They represent the people of the United States (AKA US citizen).  Not citizens from other countries. If our government officials do not do their job in following the constitution or what is good for the US citizen, get the hell out of the government offices and find a different profession


Last Note: When in the hell, is the non-trumpers going to understand that WE THE PEOPLE VOTED and WE VOTED FOR DONALD TRUMP AND HIS IDEAS. Inner cities voted for Hillary Clinton. Everyone else DID NOT. There is a reason why the electoral college is in place.


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