Both Political Parties

Conservatives will tell you they do not agree with Liberals. (So Republicans vs. Democrats)

Democrats still to this day, complain about life. How things are still bad and/or getting worse. Liberals say life is on the track to get better. So, i figure they are confused as hell. But whatever. A conservative will tell you that they will agree with the Democrats on the government has yet to help anybody. But, the different is, a conservative doesn’t want the government to have this much power. They want them to have less. Liberals would like more government and more help.

Us conservatives elect Republicans. They say they will fight for us. That will go to Washington and stand up for our values. Liars. Complete and Total Liars.

Democrats, say what they are going to do, and they do it. But what people doesn’t understand is what they do, doesn’t help anything. If anything, it really makes the shit worse. (Obviously my opinion). ObamaCare? Really… “You want your doctors? You can keep them!” “We need more Gun Control”. Has Obama helped the racism problem in America? Hell No. Did Michelle help with children eating better at school? HA! Have you seen the shit they are serving now?

This election is literally a movement.

Being a Conservative, I will speak about my topics. Being sick of the Republicans in Washington not doing a damn thing, yeah I voted against Political Establishment. Not necessarily Trump. But at this point, Since my candidate is out, I’ll stand behind Trump. Why? Because I am sick of The Establishment.

I have heard lots of crap about Trump. How he will change his stances or he is really a liberal. I get it. I had those thoughts myself. So many conservatives and republicans jumped on board with him. Rather because its a change of scenery or his NON PC and say exactly what he feels. Well: We the people let OBAMA in office with the continuation of lies. The big thing he did NOT lie about… was CHANGE. He promised CHANGE… and we damn sure got it.

So, every day, I hear more and more about all this. And i just had to get this out. Have a great HUMP DAY!


Why Must These Jobs Be Going Away?

Layoffs, layoffs, and layoffs. Everyday you hear about more companies laying off. Reasons?

The economy.Companies wanting to compete with others going offshore. Overhead is too high. I mean come on. Keep jobs here. Americans need the jobs. You will go out of business and not get ANY new projects when this happens because nobody will be able to afford to create business. People won’t be able to buy anything and again the economy will continue to tank.

Why bring departments to other countries? Why help their economies? We need to think about America first and foremost. That is what matters. What about our people? Our government is giving tax incentives to businesses to go oversees. Why? What the hell is the reason for that? Hell… tax them for going over there.

More and more people are loosing jobs in the Oil and Gas industry which is a huge job industry. Bring that industry back home. Find it here. Such as the Keystone pipeline. Why are we not approving it? Lets break it down. How many jobs will it create to build it? Then, how many jobs will it save to maintain it? Vehicle Manufacturers. Why not stop importing so many cars? Bring back building more vehicles here at a reasonable price? How many jobs will that create? How much money will we save for the importing fee and tax from the other countries?

What about government getting the hell out of out private business? I mean the taxation is ridiculous. All companies should have a specific tax. And it should not be so much that the company spends so much that they bring home just a little bit of profit. Further more, taxing citizens? UM, no. How about let us, go ahead and drop the governments wages. Why should ya’ll make more than the average citizens? Exactly what the hell do they do that proves they should make as much as they do, when half the time, they do not do what we have asked?

And Welfare? Again, UM, No. This was meant to be a temporary help. Nobody should be on it for life. Especially a non-citizen. Get them the hell off. That will help the economy. Why is it the citizens are suffering the most? Why is the wage so driven down? None of this is right and the government is getting all of this back ass backwards.

Personal story, which happens to be mine. Both my husband and I, are in the Oil and Gas industry. My job is going offshore. My husband’s job (well lack thereof) is projects. And there isn’t any at this time. So what does that mean? We are in fear of loosing are job at any given time. We bought our house in December of 2015. We have a ten year old and a 5 year old. Both their birthdays are in a few weeks. What the hell are we going to do? What other experience we do have. We both have been looking for months for other jobs. But who is hiring? And if a company is, they want a specific qualification that neither of us have. Or a specific degree that neither of us have. OR we just don’t have as many years. OR they decided on somebody else. I mean we have done so many applications and looked on so many websites. We are practically begging for a chance. Any chance that can keep us afloat to keep our house and bills paid. I don’t have a degree. My husband has TWO. My husband has take jobs that have nothing to do with his degrees just to keep us afloat while waiting to get something.

What else can we do? I know there are so many other people in the same boat. And I truly feel sorry for them. Where can they go when this is all they know. When they are a certain age and companies don’t want to pay what they deserve?

This country and these politicians can do better. They can fix this shit. They can go and change this before its too late. This president can get his head out of his butt and change his stances and stop making certain groups happy and others unhappy and left jobless.Other than screwing people that are still working paying for others who have to live on welfare and unemployment, living off the government. That is the last thing many people want to do. Some people, like myself and my husband love working. Love to have that to be proud of and it looks like we won’t have that. We want to raise our kids this responsibility.

Its stressful. Every single day, to wonder if this will be the last day. If i will come home with a job. If i will go to work and still have a job. OR it i will get called into the office to be told I no longer have a job, insurance or benefits.



Trump Says…

This article, I will make my opinions on what Trump says. Why? because I would like somebody to show me facts. I am by no means bashing Trump… I don’t want the people to think I won’t support Trump if he is the Nominee. I just want to know more about his views. I just have not seen them the way i want them. SO, if anybody has more facts on these please let me know. The quotes and the politifacts and references below are what i found. If these are wrong, please be civil (if you will) and let me know. Thanks.

Remember – What I will do is make a short assessment of what TRUMP has said.

  1. Ted Cruz’s father was with Lee Harvey Oswald before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy .
    1. If he just HEARD it why in the HELL did he not get the facts straight before spewing the rumor? It’s like he doesn’t do his own fact checking.
  2. In the history of Republican primaries, I’ve gotten the most votes in the history of the republican party.
    1. Was it because he wanted everyone to think he was this amazing? The research shows, he was close, but did not get the most.
  3. Frankly, Hilary Clinton doesn’t do very well with women.
    1. I mean, He doesn’t do very well with women either.
  4. When President Obama landed in Cuba on Air Force One, no leader was there, nobody, to greet him.
    1. Well, Castro wasn’t there to greet him, which technically he should have been sooo.
  5. ISIS is making millions of dollars a week selling Libyan oil.
    1. From what I read, they take artifacts and sell them on the black market. But, selling oil sounds nice.
  6. I was totally against the war in Iraq, saying for many years that it would destabilize the Middle East.
    1. Well, from what i read 2002-2003 he was pretty much saying “Yeah, I guess” to Howard Stern’s question regarding him supporting the war. 2004, He says to Stern, fighting in Iraq is a terrible mistake”.
  7. On Flip Flopping Banning Assault Weapons.
    1. That pissed me off. It was true. Come on, read the Second Amendment. What I get from it is, If our government and military can have them (and shit hits the fan) WE THE PEOPLE needs them to protect ourselves ” necessary to the security of a free state”.
  8.  Mexico receives approximately $24 billion a year in remittances from Mexican nationals working in the US. The majority of that amount comes from illegal aliens.
    1. Hey, regardless if that is the exact number. The underlining statement is true. Too much money is being made and going away. Our economy is getting bad.
  9. We’ve rebuilt China.
    1. Yeah, i agree. Hell, we trade with them and they make a hell of a lot more money considering we take way more and they take way less. UM, like Trump says, our trade dealers SUCK.


Site References.

Donald Trump did not warn the Iraq War would ‘destabilize the Middle East’ before it started – PolitiFact

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio….

I was on Facebook today, and i saw an article featuring de Blasio. He was blasting Chick-fil-A. On his article (, He said, “Chick-fil-A is anti-LGBT”.

Okay. First off, who doesn’t know that Chick-fil-A is a Christian based company? I mean come on! They aren’t open on Sundays! That is just one point of anti LGBT. I mean its not totally relevent. But, its just a small point.

Secondly, if you have EVER been to Chick-fil-A, that place is the most positive enviroment you could ever go to. The customer service is outstanding. The employees are amazing. They are friendly as can be. I see lots of people going up there because Chick-fil-A holds different family days or nights.

But then, You have Mr. Bill “liberal ass” de Blasio asking New Yorkers to boycott this place for absolutely no reason. Also saying “This group imparts a strong anti-LGBT message by forcing their employees and volunteers to adhere to a policy that prohibits same-sex love.  It is outrageous that Chick-fil-A is quietly spreading its message of hate by funding these types of organizations.”

“Chick-fil-A responded by pointing out that it has 80,000 employees of all different backgrounds and beliefs and prefers to focus on its food and service.”The Chick-fil-A culture and service tradition in our restaurants is to treat every person with honor, dignity and respect — regardless of their beliefs, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender,” a spokesperson said.” – Fox News wrote.

Again, I am not sure why de Blasio has come out stating  that ” Chick-fil-A is quietly spreading its message of hate”.  Seriously? This is the same guy that saying “he is convinced that he is changing New Yorkers’ lives for the better.” (

Does this mean he is taking a note from the liberal agenda regarding the minority and making them happy over the majority? By no means am I saying I am against any and all LGBT members. As a Christian, we love all, regardless if we think its wrong or not. I have yet to see Chick-fil-A turn anybody away at any location or talk to anybody bad. Personally i think Bill is just being a total douche and needs to sit this one out. He may be getting a better favorability ratings among the New York voters (, But I’m sure conservatives don’t feel the same way.


$15.00 an hour?

When I was 16, literally the day I turned 16, my father told me to get a job. So, i called my sister and asked her if her place of work was hiring. She called me back and told me to be at Sonic Drive in at 9 that night to start training. So I went. I started off at $5.25 an hour. Again, I was a sophomore in high school.

Most people there were either in high school or college. The older ones were managers that worked late at night or early in the mornings. Still even then, they made $11.00 an hour. This was in 2006. A good thing I do remember was that we did get tips and if I made tips, I did not have to share my tips. I did not have to claim my tips either.

The main reason why I am even writing this is because I realize now, the age group that worked there. Mostly high school kids and college kids. There was no way we could make any of us could live off of what we made, no matter how much tips we brought home. Even today, with minimum wage around $7.25 an hour.

There are places you have to go get a certificate to work at, (I.E. ambulances) or have a trade somewhere that make less than $15.00 an hour. Going through training to get into a job. And people want $15.00 an hour to flip a burger, throw frozen fries in grease, made a damn drink and pass this to a customer? I’ve done it. Easy freaking peasy. These jobs should be for high school and college students to learn a little extra money and get that experience of responsibility. Not to make a living.

Further more, say a company says “Yes, we will cater to you, and give you $15.00 per hour. We will make YOU  happy”. Guess what? It will not last long. These said companies will replace you. BY MACHINES. Those front positions that take orders, will now have machines that the customer use. More and More companies will be on board with this idea. Then what happens??? You are out of a job!!! How does that feel?

SO. What do you think? Will you still be fighting to have minimum wage continue to go up? Which in turn will have everything else go up as well… ya know, the dollar menu won’t be the dollar menu no more!

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